At around 600m altitude on red decomposed shale and mudstone soils just above the Beechworth township our Red Hill vineyard is predominantly Nebbiolo with the rest Tempranillo, planted to multiple clones on a combination of different rootstocks and own root material.

With just over 1,000 vines our vineyard is considered tiny although if you multiply 1,000 by every time you stop to look, prune or tend it quickly begins to appear quite large! Red Hill rises to the east behind Beechworth coincidentally also home to another Nebbiolo vineyard planted just weeks after ours. Two people thinking this is the spot for Nebbiolo feels like a good omen to us. Hand pruned, hand picked and dry grown, we’re aiming to create a vineyard intrinsically in balance ie the goldilocks vineyard with just the right amount of fruit to just the right amount of leaves and just the right amount of root system. So far so good. The first fruit has shown intensity with a combination of good colour and acidity.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Mark Walpole’s Fighting Gully Rd Beechworth vineyard known as Aquila Audax, which shares a similar soil type and altitude. The exposed site on the escarpment overlooking the Murmungee Basin is a dramatic view to encounter and the consistent intense fruit is a privilege to have.

In 2018 we planted a new vineyard on the Beechworth Wangaratta Rd, a venture with a friend which will become our Rosso block of 80% Nebbiolo and 20% Barbera. This will also be our ongoing source of Chardonnay and the potential of this site is very exciting.