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Porcini Season

porciniYep it turns out the talk of Porcini in the Adelaide Hills is not just talk. A kilo came our way last week and the results were spectacular! Firstly as way of explanation we have been fungi hunters for many years and our arrival in Beechworth opened the door to new additions to the standard Saffron Milk Caps (Pine mushrooms or Lactarius Deliciosus) & Slippery Jacks (Suillus luteus). Talk of Morels in the proceeding years around Castlemaine suggested Beechworth may also be home to these wonderful fungi and with some careful questioning of local chefs and some concerted effort searching we found our Morels. We heard chatter around Porcini being discovered in the Adelaide Hills 5 or 6 years ago with references to being found in native forest which all seemed odd and unlikely however given our Morel success we remained optimistic. It turns out the Porcini (DNA tested to be legitimate Boletus Edulis) are not being found in native forest but in a ‘European’ setting around Pines or Oaks and occasionally other European trees. How long they have existed before being ‘discovered’ is anyones guess but now in certain spots are becoming considered common! The hunt has begun for Porcini elsewhere so stay tuned. The real story is that they are delicious!